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    Our business began four generations ago as part of a small hardware store nestled in the middle of a small town along the Hudson River in West Haverstraw, New York in 1934. Unlike the large retail stores that serviced Lionel® customers in large cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, ours was one of the many small service stations that had been combined with other businesses, such as hardware and appliance stores. Over the years there have been many, many changes. Most resulting from outside influences, a world war, changes in the hobby, the economy and most especially the many changes at Lionel®. Shortly after World War II our family moved the business from rural New York to New Jersey. Over the last sixty five years, as the demographics of the hobby changed, we have moved several more times, all within the state. New Jersey is, after all, Lionel's true home. Through it all, we are still here and servicing our customers!

    We are primarily a parts supplier and service facility. By percentage, our inventory is comprised of 25% prewar, 60% postwar and 15% post 1975. At present we have more than 30,000 part numbers in our database and ninety-five percent of those parts are in stock. We first began organizing our inventory into a database with the release of the 8" floppy drive by IBM®. By 1973 we had moved our data from 8" floppies to a brand new hard drive. It was called a 30/30 Winchester and developed by IBM®. It was a massive piece of furniture measuring 24" wide, 30" deep and 30" tall and housed two 30MB hard drives 18" in diameter. Our inventory and database has grown many fold since then, as has the size of our own in house computer network.

    As a service facility we handle all service issues from simple cleaning and servicing to elaborate repairs that may require the services of our tool room or machine shop. We have reassembled many engines, cars and accessories that most people would have relegated to the trash heap or broken up for usable parts. We do not throw away motors, reversing units, horns, trucks or even a chassis, we rebuild them. We rewind armatures, fields, smoke unit heaters, coils and other similar items using the same specifications as did Lionel® in their coil winding department. We specialize in the service, repair, restoration and rebuilding of scale and semi-scale Hudson's and B-6 switchers.


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