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Maintaining Your Lionel Trains

Aside from smoke pills, smoke fluid, track cleaning fluid and the like, Lionel offered their own prepackaged lubricant (926) and lubricating oil (927-90). These items were sold as separate sale items as well as in in kits, such as the 927 Maintenance Kit. The lubricant (grease) and oil were manufactured by United Oil Manufacturing Company of Erie, PA, who packaged it for Lionel. Lionel recommended its own oil and lubricants as they were made of a mineral base that wouldn't damage the trains or bodies. Below is an image of the contents description for the 927 kit. Not only does it describe what is in the kit, but also describes the individual items and how they should be used. Lionel recognized that not everyone was going to visit their local hobby shop and purchase maintenance kits, and some wouldn't spend the money for oil or lubricant. With that Lionel recommended careful use of #10 viscosity SAE motor oil and a "good grade" of mineral based lubricant. We'll discuss this in more detail later on in this segment.

Take careful note of each of the seven (7) items and especially their descriptions. We will cover them carefully later on.

Contents of 927 Maintenance Kit

Let's move on to the next page and get into some of the nuts and bolts of doing your own maintenance.